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Resistance Report: The Highland (Eldred) Compressor


Millennium Pipeline Co. has purchased 80 acres from the Eldred Preserve (Town of Highland) in western Sullivan County for a new proposed compressor station. This compressor is connected not just to the Millennium pipeline but to the CPV Valley power plant, the Valley Lateral pipeline (which would connect Millennium and CPV) and the Hancock compressor, where they plan to add a second compressor, plus additional work at Ramapo. If Eldred is built, that would make 4 compressors within 60 miles, which far exceeds the industry standard and bodes ill of further future expansion.

Based on their stated in-service date of Fall 2018, Millennium was clearly hoping to ram this through what they expected to be a sleepy rural area. But true to the area’s history as the incubator of the early anti-fracking movement, that has not been the case. A new grassroots group called SCRAM (Sullivan County Residents Against Millennium) has organized in record time, with help from several established anti-fracking groups. READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE.

WHERE TO JUMP IN: Click here for info about the dangers of the compressor. Watch this video(provided by SCRAM) of what life is like living near a Millennium compressor. View the interactive YOU ARE HERE map to get an overview of the larger pipeline system.