Benefit Concert to Help Stop Dakota Access and Pilgrim Pipelines



Over a Dozen Musicians to Perform Benefit Concert to Help Stop Dakota Access and Pilgrim Pipelines  
Kingston, NY  Over fifteen Hudson Valley musicians will play a benefit, “Concert for a Cause,” on Sunday, January 152 – 5 PM, to raise money for Water Protectors working to stop fracked oil pipelines in North Dakota and in New York. All proceeds from the fundraiser, sponsored by and taking place at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Catskills, 320 Sawkill Rd., Kingston, NY, will go to the Water Protectors resisting the Dakota Access Pipeline near Standing Rock, ND, and to the Coalition Against Pilgrim Pipelines-NY.
The concert will open with the “Sioux Honoring Song” performed by the Red Feather Singers from the Association of Native Americans of the Hudson Valley in fellowship with the Water Protectors at Oceti Sakowin Camp in North Dakota. Maggie Rothwell, a professional singer and guitarist, will emcee the event as well as perform. The Red Feather Singers will perform a wide range of original and traditional songs, many from the contemporary folk genre. Other performers, in alphabetical order, will include:
• Steve Beer

• Lannie Bolde
• James Burke
• Bill Buttner
• Ethan Campbell
• Nancy and John DeNicolo
• Ditto – Cyndy DiBeneditto & Michelle Ann
• David C. Hemingway
• Matthew Kobalkin
• Bob Morgenstern
• Kevin O’Connell
• Katie Pierce
• Mary Ellen Schwartz
• Justin Smith
• Tom Starace
• Paul Stokes

• UU Ukes

Although the Obama Administration temporarily blocked an easement for the Dakota Access pipeline, the indigenous-led nonviolent movement remains through the brutal North Dakota winter. Funds are still needed to support those who continue their encampment at the site, and for legal fees. The proposed Pilgrim pipelines, which would run from Albany to Linden, NJ, would cross under the Hudson River twice, along with 237 other waterways, as well as 296 wetlands. Both the Dakota Access and Pilgrim pipelines would carry Bakken Shale crude oil, extracted using fracking, which was banned in New York due to its health impacts. The suggested donation will be $20 although smaller amounts will be accepted gratefully.
“This upcoming fundraiser goes hand-in-hand with the Unitarian Universalists’ strong tradition of supporting environmental causes,” noted Reverend Erica Baron, minister at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Catskills. “It fits right in with the U.U. Seventh Principle: “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.”
Friends, These sibling pipeline struggles have much in common, as both Dakota Access Pipeline and the Pilgrim pipelines would threaten mighty rivers, carry fracked Bakken shale crude oil from North Dakota, harm climate, violate indigenous peoples’ land, and put drinking water at risk for millions. We are united and strong here! Over a dozen of us from CAPPNY have gone to North Dakota in solidarity since September, and increasingly, the national profile of the fight against Pilgrim pipelines is growing also, along with the awareness that Pilgrim’s route would go through Ramapough Luunape land. Here’s an example: From Standing Rock to the World: 10 indigenous and environmental struggles and how you can help in 2017. 
In closing — see you Sunday, or soon.

Solidarity with Standing Rock-New Paltz


SATURDAY DECEMBER 3rd 10am – 1pm

29 Main Street, New Paltz NY WELLS FARGO BANK

More than 200 Indigenous tribes as well as non-Native allies have been standing strong to stop Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) from uprooting sacred Sioux burial sites on unceeded treaty land dating from 1851.  More immediately water protectors have been risking their lives to keep the 1172 mile pipeline, which would carry Bakken Crude oil, from being laid under the Missouri River and Lake Oahe, the only water source of the Lakota Sioux. A break in the line will poison drinking water for millions and hasten climate change.  Water protectors are being met with brutal militarized force from County and State police, a private security firm hired by Energy Transfer Partners, as well as from the National Guard, even though the corporation has been given NO federal permit approval to drill under the Missouri River.

Now the Army Corps of Engineers has issued an eviction notice to Standing Rock (Oceti Sakowin Camp) where thousands have been peacefully camped out for months- for Dec. 5th!

Wells Fargo is one of the banks investing in DAPL, making it possible for Energy Transfer to continue this project despite costly delays and strong opposition.
Given Wells Fargo’s prime investment in this project, and its recent practice involving customer account fraud. this seems like an especially appropriate place to urge people to take action.

On Sat. we will share information, urge account holders to divest from Wells Fargo, urge Wells Fargo to divest from DAPL, stop business as usual.

Please spread the word to all you know

Please bring signs.  We will have fliers to distribute to customers and passersby.
If you would consider participating in an action within the bank itself, please email either:
Reeni – 
Phyllis – 

Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion

President Obama Must Immediately Direct 
FERC to Halt Spectra AIM Pipeline to Prevent Fukushima on the Hudson
Another Major FERC Conflict of Interest Unfolds
Westchester County, NY – On October 28, 2016, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) hastily granted approval for Spectra Energy to deviate from its original plan and run large quantities of fracked gas at intense pressure through old pipelines that are under the Indian Point nuclear power (IPEC) facility. The not yet completed AIM pipeline project has unresolved problems and as a result now has a different operational plan. A green light, however, was given to Spectra without conducting the required risk assessment and analysis of safety procedures for these significant operational modifications. 
Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion (SAPE), an all-volunteer, grassroots group representing residents and communities across the tri-state region, as well as elected officials at all levels, have expressed strong opposition to Spectra’s Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) project. The group vociferously opposes this approval and calls for all elected officials to implore President Obama to immediately intervene and direct FERC to halt construction and operation of the Spectra AIM project due to urgent safety and national security risks.
Spectra Energy has encountered multiple problems over the past several months while attempting to pull its massive 42-inch diameter pipeline through a hole it drilled under the Hudson River, using the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) technique. FERC’s original approval of the AIM project in March 2015 did not include a contingency plan should the HDD method fail and, therefore, should not have given Spectra the green light to put the AIM in-service using the old pipelines with the HDD issue still unresolved and potentially requiring a new environmental review. 
The recent approval granted to Spectra puts the tri-state region at risk, according to nuclear and pipeline safety experts who indicate that a rupture in a gas pipeline at Indian Point could cause a meltdown and catastrophic radioactive releases. Use of the 50+ year old gas pipelines that will tie into the new 42-inch diameter AIM pipeline, on both the Rockland and Westchester sides of the Hudson River in Spectra’s new plan, were not evaluated for the AIM project. The new 42-inch diameter AIM pipeline will operate at substantially higher pressure than the maximum allowable operating pressure of the old pipelines potentially escalating the serious risks associated with this project. The new operational plan creates a new configuration that must be analyzed for safety, as required by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) regulation 10 CFR 50.29. 
A letter sent to the NRC on October 25, 2016 states:
 “The Entergy 10 CFR 50.59 transmittal letter to the NRC indicates that ‘Entergy is required to assess new safety impacts on IPEC and provide that analysis to the NRC.’ However, the analysis provided is only for the NEW 42” natural gas loop pipeline south of IPEC. The need to analyze the existing lines is relegated to a 2008 analysis, well before the AIM system changes were determined and officially presented. The existing 50+ year old 30-inch line is within 400 feet of safety-related structures, systems and components (SSC). These SSC elements are within the potential impact radius of the 30-inch line, which has a maximum allowable operating pressure of 750 PSIG. This 30-inch line will now be interconnected on either side of IPEC to the higher pressure 42-inch, MAOP 850 PSIG gas line, just outside the IPEC security area. A single malfunction of a valve could over pressurize the existing lines. The existing 50+ year old 26-inch line, which also runs approximately 400 feet from the control room and other SSC, was presented as being kept in place as a backup. That 26-inch line has a MAOP of 674 PSIG, and will also be connected directly to the 42-inch line with a MAOP of 850 PSIG.” 
Suzannah Glidden of SAPE said, “This is a classic bait and switch. Spectra applied for approval of a new 42-inch diameter pipeline and now that they cannot get the huge pipe under the Hudson River, they sought and were approved to use a different route and pipeline infrastructure that were not evaluated for this project. A corporation’s profits must not take precedence over public safety.” 
FERC has not responded to questions concerning consultation with federal and state agencies, such as the Army Corps of Engineers, New York State Department of State or New York State Department of Environmental Conservation when a variance was granted by FERC for the HDD in late August. This occurred right after FERC issued a ‘serious violation’ to Spectra for its failure to receive authorization for its destruction of a wetland and trees when a drill stem was lost during the construction process.
Furthermore, a series of investigative reports demonstrates that the entire FERC review process was compromised by numerous conflicts of interest, including the latest report this week  revealing that the Spectra AIM Project Manager, who signed off on the project, is married to a consultant for Spectra gas pipeline projects. 
We implore President Obama to direct FERC to halt construction immediately due to imminent safety and national security threats. Susan Van Dolsen, a co-founder of SAPE said, “FERC’s approval is a flagrant case of a federal commission favoring industry while dismissing the risks to the 20 million people within the 50-mile impact radius of Indian Point.”
For Immediate Release – November 3, 2016
Susan Van Dolsen 914-525-8886                                  
Suzannah Glidden 914-485-1052

Standing Rock


Please join us this Thursday (October 27th) for A VERY SPECIAL FREE SCREENING of Two Native American Documentaries, with Live Music and Special Guests.

Thursday, October 27th at Four Brothers Restaurant & Drive-In in Amenia, NY

4:30pm  Tabling of Community Organizations

5:00pm – Special Guest Speakers and Music featuring:

  • Chief Hawk Storm

  • Donna Coane and Women’s Drum Group

  • Rachel Marcos-Havens

  • Buddha Love

  • Bethany Yarrow & Refus Capodachia

  • Karenna Gore

  • Fidel Moreno

6:45pm Screening of Stand Up with Standing Rock

8pm  Screening of WARRIOR – Life & Trial of Leonard Pelteir

Info/ Arts & crafts Spaces. Bring your own tables and chairs

For More Info, Call Fidel Moreno 832-777-8081 or email

Northeast Region Standing Rock Solidarity Committee

See you there.

Brooke Lehman

Click here to download a PDF flier. 

STOP SPECTRA! Lend a hand this weekend at downtown Peekskill rallies

at Division and Park Streets, Peekskill, NY 
Friday and Saturday, Sept. 30 & October 1st
6 – 7 p.m

Stop Pilgrim Pipelines Meeting in Kigston

Last month we had a wonderful meeting of CAPPNY with over 50 people from all the counties in NY which would be directly impacted by this horrible pipeline! It was great that we got to see one another, meet some new folks and spend time looking at our overall goals, reviewing strategies we have been using and brainstorming new ideas.  People were eager to meet again- there is never enough time- and we set the date for Oct 6th again from 5:30-8:30.

The Unitarian Congregation in Kingston has once again generously offered their space for our meeting.

This time we will work on the what to do and who will do it plans. We will have time to break up into working groups to help us all plug into the nitty gritty of the work that needs to be done. Matt Smith from CAPPNJ and Food and Water Watch has again offered to facilitate the meeting!

This is an exciting time in our struggle against Pilgrim Pipelines- as we move into the “scoping” process and the environmental review.
Recently there have been public meetings in several towns-which have been well attended-People have been doing great work!  As more and more people learn about Pilgrim Pipelines and the risks it poses to our communities, air, water and climate, the more people are ready to act!! Now is the time to mobilize!

So we hope that you will be able to come on Oct. 6th.

Its at the Unitarian Congregation at 320 Sawkill Rd in Kingston- at 5:30.  If you can, bring a simple dish or drink to share – (be great if you can bring your own dish and utensils too) so we can eat while we meet and work.


Climate Change Lobby Day

Fossil Fuel Divestment- Solar Power NY

What: The 100% Renewable NY campaign and the Fossil Free State Divestment campaign are holding a Climate Change Lobby Day on April 11th. The day will be focused on building support for two important bills, 100% clean energy by 2030 (A7497 / S5527) and divestment of the State’s pension system from fossil fuel companies (A8011a / S5873). The campaign also supports ending all fossil fuel infrastructure in New York State.

Join us to build support in the legislature for these critical pieces of legislation, which will create a Fossil Free New York State!

Where: Room 104a at the State Legislative Office Building, 198 State St, Albany, NY 12210.

When: Briefing: 9:30-11 AM, Legislative visits: 12-4 PM.

RSVP: Register for the event here. Email  for more info.


Open Organizing Meeting to Stop Pilgrim Pipelines


kingston ny hudson valley solar energy pv contractor






You are invited! Open Organizing Meeting to Stop Pilgrim Pipelines:

WHAT:  Open meeting to update, assess and develop our strategy for stopping Pilgrim Pipelines this Fall and beyond, building community in the process.

WHEN: Thursday, September 1st: Doors Open 5:30 pm, Gather 5:45 pm, Close 8:30 pm.

WHERE: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Catksills: 320 Sawkill Rd., Kingston NY 12401

This UU Church is on the direct path of Pilgrim pipelines and has said “no” to any access for Pilgrim to their property!

HOSTED BY: Coalition Against Pilgrim Pipelines-New York (CAPPNY). FACILITATOR: Matt Smith, CAPPNJ

WHO SHOULD COME: Folks who are committed to helping stop Pilgrim pipelines from being permitted or built, who value teamwork in building power to win this campaign. Lovely if you favor of protecting waterways, land, climate, health, safety and community well-being, and support building a sane and sustainable clean energy economy with good jobs. But — the only requirement to attend is that you want to stop Pilgrim pipelines from being built.

RSVP — and questions and ideas — to Sue Rosenberg,  845-246-3449 (land) or (914) 466-0954 (cell).

WE PROVIDE: Food. Updates. Eight-point “working strategy.” A nice space, fabulous facilitator, and organized agenda.

YOU BRING: Food to share if you can, and your own re-usable plates, utensils, napkins and drink containers if you have them, to help us be “zero waste.”

WE ALL BRING: IDEAS. Questions. Desire to understand each other’s situations, goals and challenges, and to work together.

This amazing campaign, which has won over 30 Resolutions Opposing Pilgrim Pipelines in New York State and so much more since we first met in October 2014, is volunteer-run with no office, supplies, or even (yet) fundraising. I am not online, so please send your questions, agenda ideas, and RSVP to Sue by email or call her. Thanks!


Kingston: Installing Solar Without Breaking the Bank

RUPCO and the City of Kingston will host a solar installation workshop for homeowners meeting certain income standards. GRID Alternatives Tri-State, the nation’s largest nonprofit solar provider, headlines the workshop to be held September 9, 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm at Ulster County Community Action, 70 Lindsley Avenue, KingstonRooftop solar can cut costs every month on electric bills, protect against rising electricity prices, and supplies a clean energy source that contributes to cleaner air for everyone.

In partnership with the City of Kingston and RUPCO, GRID Alternatives coordinates full service installation from start to finish. This program is specifically designed for eligible families living on low or fixed incomes, generally 80% of Ulster County’s Average Median Income (AMI). For a Kingston family of four, this income limit is $60,150. As Brenna L. Robinson, Director of the Office of Community Development explains, “We are thrilled to partner with RUPCO again, to provide yet another opportunity for Kingston’s residents to make their lives better. In addition to installing solar energy equipment, other improvements such as replacing old windows and doors, adding insulation, roof improvements, or new heating/cooling equipment can significantly increase their homes’ energy efficiency and that will keep money in their pockets to be used where they really need it.”

RUPCO secured a grant from NeighborWorks® America to provide matching funds towards GRID solar installs. NeighborWorks®  provides matching funds of approximately $2,500 per installation to RUPCO for homeowners who meet eligibility criteria to work with GRID Alternatives’ solar project installations.RUPCO will help 10 Kingston residential households by providing matching funds for these solar installs.

Specifically, RUPCO is looking at two income-qualifying areas inside the city limits. In these areas, there are a total of 870 owner-occupied homes located in a large portion of downtown, as well as a very large portion of Midtown. Representatives from each organization will be on hand to answer homeowner questions.

“We frequently get questions like: how much can I save on my electric bill with solar? How do I apply for the solar program? Do I qualify?” notes Michael D’Arcy, Outreach Coordinator for RUPCO’s Green Jobs | Green New York Program. “We will answer these questions and many more on September 9th. Invite friends, family and others you think may qualify for our program. You can also bring your electric bills to get a jump start!” To learn more, call at 845-331-2140 Ext: 267.

Since 2011, RUPCO, as an Independent Contractor to the New York State Energy Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) actively markets Green Jobs | Green New York, to improve Home Performance with ENERGYSTAR® and all NYSERDA programs to educate homeowners, community leaders and the general public about the benefits of the program. This program serves 10 counties in the Mid-Hudson Valley, including Columbia, Delaware, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster, and Westchester Counties. The Green Jobs | Green New York Program covers 2,451,153 residents (12.7% of NYS Population) in 673 Zip Codes. In total, 43.6% of the homes in Kingston are owner occupied. As of April 30th, RUPCO has a total of 4800 residential referrals, 1302 completed Home Energy Performance audits, and over 364 customers approved for or have completed a residential energy upgrade or retrofit. Visit Green Jobs | Green New York for more information.