AUTONOMOUS ENERGIES will work with you to create a system tailor made for your home or business. This ensures maximum savings for you, and maximum environmental benefits from your system. Our systems are professionally installed and our work is guaranteed. From inception to final inspection, we are proud to be your solar energy contractor.

Solar Services

We provide professional design and installation of solar electric (PV) energy systems in New York’s Mid Hudson Valley Region. We are NYSERDA Qualified and NABCEP Certified. Learn more.

Water Harvesting

AUTONOMOUS ENERGIES designs and installs commercial grade rainwater harvesting and greywater systems. See how rainwater harvesting applications can work to fulfill your water needs. We are ARCSA Accredited. Learn more.

Got Questions?

Here is a compilation of the fifteen questions we are asked most frequently. If you’re just starting to learn about solar energy, visit our Is Solar Right For Me page. For more detailed information, visit our Solar Installation and Use page. Obviously you can also email or call with specific questions.